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Horizon - Brain Development Academy

"Learning" is that magical thing that takes place in a split second, which changes us for ever. In Horizon - Brain Development Academy we believe that no matter how many times we repeat a 'learned task' if a better way of doing it is presented and the whole brain / body system experiences the ease and joy of the new way, all former patterns can be released in a moment. This, for us is "learning"

Throughout the life time there is truth in saying that you do well at what you like. To become a “master of life”, we have to always aim high. There is happiness in this process to achieve the goals of our life. We all shine by pursuing our dreams with high hope and something to live for. The higher the goals of our growth, the better our lives are. If the purpose of life is the process to achieve this goal, then we believe that quality education can be one of the significant guidelines for life. We would like us all to be “life-long healthy people with quality education”.

We welcome you all too whole new world of learning, and we extend our gratitude and warm welcome. We hope and expect that our online brain development programs brings you all happiness and prosperity; by way of our brain development programs we have tried to provide a way to fulfill your dreams and achieve everything in life which you have dream and thought about. As you all know nothing is Impossible in life even the Impossible says that I’m – Possible!

Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, so try and try unless you succeed to achieve your dreams, leave rest with almighty he will guide and show correct path.

Abacus Math & Mental Arithmetic

Abacus Math and Mental Arithmetic program enables overall brain development of children's. We have introduced this Abacus math education for mental arithmetic system to India from Japan, to introduce the effective tool Abacus to develop brain activities, especially right brain.

Abacus Maths and Mental Arithmetic course is scientifically developed and highly structured program, which cultivates our children's talent more and more. These courses are designed exclusive in synchronization with school calculating systems and as per numbering systems.

The courses are thought along with quality course material & training. These courses are unique and thought in a play way method which makes learning pleasurable, interesting & unforgettable, and can be learnt from 4yrs age on wards to any age group.

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Vedic Mathematics

Vedic mathematics is the collective name given to a set of sixteen formulae. Each formula deals with different branch of mathematics. These 16 formulae can be used to solve problems ranging from arithmetic to algebra to geometry to conics to calculus. Complex mathematical questions which other wise take numerous steps to solve can be solved with the help of a few steps and in some cases without any intermediate steps at all! And these system are so simple that even people with an average knowledge of mathematics can easily understand them.

Vedic mathematics are useful for school/college students and those appearing for competitive exams like MBA-CAT, CET, GMAT, UPSC

In vedic maths online learning course you will learn the techniques and tricks for solving math topics in few easy steps, topics such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, Square root, Cubes, Cube root, Simultaneous equations, Quadratic equations, Linear equations, Algebraic equations, Calendars, dates  and Magic squares.
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Memory Improvement Techniques

The Memory Techniques, are a system of 'memory codes' that enabled people to remember perfectly whatever it was they wished to remember.

These memory techniques help us to delve into that phenomenal storage capacity we have and to pull out whatever it is that we need. The Basic Memory Principles are outlined in this Memory Improvement Course, and the bulk of this course is devoted to explaining and outlining the most important and useful of these systems, showing how easily they can be learned, and how they can be applied in personal, family, business and community life.

This is not top-secret material. It is rather latest, but it is based on the published work of renowned scientist and researchers (some won the Noble prize for their work) over the past 35 years. Many well known practitioners and teachers have taken this research and made it available to the public through books, seminars, workshops and training. it is not official school or college curriculum. You need to make the efforts to get it for yourself. Attending and learning this Online Memory Improvement Course is a good first step.
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Calligraphy Techniques

Here you will learn the basics of calligraphy gradually as you create projects that are easy, satisfying, and fun! You will also be encouraged to experiment, play, and even break the rules a little, as you develop your own personal style of beautiful writing.

The materials needed to do calligraphy are very simple: ink, pen, and paper. However, choosing the right ink, the right pen, and the right paper is not always as simple, especially when you are just beginning.

This course will help you navigate the wide array of calligraphy products available and show you which tools and sup­plies are a pleasure to use and which deliver consistent, high-quality results. You will be happy to discov­er that having good materials to work with is a major first step on your way to creating beautiful calligraphy.

In this course, you will also learn the essential skills and techniques that all calligraphers use. Most of these skills are very simple, such as learning how to hold the pen, and how to position the writing paper. However, these skills may not seem obvious at first, and they do require practice. Throughout this course, you will find suggestions for practic­ing the skills you learn in ways that are fun and relaxing, and that will spark your creativity.

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