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    On Children's Calculation Ability

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A Dissertation Submitted for the Dr. Degree in Abacus Study

Associate professor of University of Chicago, Dr.James Stigler, wrote his Doctoral Dissertation about abacus study. He stayed in Taiwan for two years and did research to the students. He gave a test before taking abacus lessons, then taking lessons and after that he completed abacus lessons. Then he wrote doctoral dissertation and received PhD. His major is in Psychology in Human Behavior.Later, he wrote many theses, including the "Mental Abacus - The Effect of Abacus Training on Chinese Children's Mental Calculation". ,

Effects of Abacus Study on Children's Calculation Ability

valuation of Memory in Abacus Learners.
Published in Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2006 Jul-Sep; 50(3):225-33)
Department of Physiology, Stanley Medical College and Hospital, Chennai 600003.

Abacus is a method used by Chinese, Japanese and Koreans to improve mathematical skills. This system has now invaded our country. The improvement in mathematical skills is said to be due to a coordinated functioning of both right and left hemisphere. As learning and memory in any field is achieved by coordinating and analyzing the different sensory inputs, whether an abacus trainee would also improve the short-term memory as a whole was evaluated in our study.  50 children of average IQ between 5 and 12 years from 2 regular schools and 50 from an abacus institute were evaluated for short-term memory before and after a period of one and two years. The memory tests were taken from Wechsler memory scale, Mini mental state examination, Mann - Buitar visual memory screen for objects.  The results showed that the abacus learners at the end of one and two years had abetter visual and auditory memory when compared to non-abacus learners.