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Abacus Math Kids Course

Horizon - Brain Development Academy has specially designed abacus course based on the and Mental Arithmetic System to develop the mental ability of children from age of 04 (four) to 08 (eight) years. This can be learnt as a game or play.

Unique in Abacus & Mental Math Training...How

It is an experimental truth that the children at the ages of 04 (four) to 08 (eight) years those passed in three levels after undergoing training for 09 (nine) months at Horizon - Brain Development Academy will be equivalent to the students studying in 3rd (third) or 4th (fourth) standards regular schools. Performance evaluation is carried at end of each level. After successful completion and passing of level certificates are granted.

The Course focuses on developing children's basic motor skills/dexterity, pencil holding, handwriting/drawing of numbers and shapes, subsisting (instant recognition of objects and abacus beads as numbers) as well as counting skills (sequential patterns).​​​

The initial focus for this age group is the mastery of number bonds to 5 and 10, and the basic addition and subtraction facts (1 digit pus/minus 1digit). When the number bonds are mastered with the aid of abacus bead images.

The  Japanese abacus is used not only to develop their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, attention span, patience, but also to teach them the above basic mathematical concepts through logical reasoning of sight and touch.

Working out school maths problems of various kinds is highly encouraged to develop the children's relational understanding of numbers, objects, and  time, along with the practice of the abacus. At the same time, children are encouraged to develop their mental arithmetic and cognitive skills (e.g. via listening problems).​

We are the best

Horizon - Brain Development Academy abacus training center teaches the advanced and entire concept of Japanese Abacus Education and its Brain Development techniques in India as it is in Japan.

Horizon - Brain Development Academy teaches advanced abacus learning techniques like finding Squares, Square Root, Cube, Cube root, Finding L.C.M, G.C.D, Finding Percentage and conversion of Hexadecimal numbers to Binary Numbers. Which are yet not introduced by any other Institute?

Horizon - Brain Development Academy has highly structured, even Master Level finished students from other institute can join to continue further. For example we introduce Multiplication and Division in our 2nd level itself where as others start Multiplication after 3rd level Division after 4th Level.

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