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School Training  Program

Educational Institutes today need not only standard offerings from their platform but have to offer the new and the latest from Education for children to grow at all sphere. Regular Time-Table does not allows time for this but activities after school hours may permit the same in an extraordinary way. Horizon - Brain Development Academy provides education business solutions with all working inputs by to an school institution to upmarket itself in such a competitive world.

School Activity Center

We offer School Activity Center. SKC, School Activity Center is a Solution for Schools from Horizon Brain Development Academy on Revenue Sharing Model. We provides all kind of Academic, Manpower, Marketing and Promotional support to start and setup School Activity Center at your School premises on off working hours for school children and other children. Great opportunity! to yield the lean occupancy hours of your infrastructure.

School Services

We provide complete assistance for implementation of following courses

  1. Japanese Abacus And Mental Arithmetic program.
  2. Brain Gym Based on Educational Kinesiology.
  3. Wonder Math's Based on Vedic Mathematics.
  4. Memory Improvement; Learn How 2 Memorize program.
  5. Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy And Speed Writing

Horizon - Brain Development Academy has developed unique methodology for implementation of Brain Development Courses. Following information will be required from the institute.

  • Yearly schedule or time table of the school, with dates of examinations and holidays.
  • Total hours or periods each day that will be given by the school for completion of course.
  • A senior officer from the Client will act as the coordinator. He will be an important team member with our personnel

Complete plan and methodology for implementation of brain development courses will be given by Horizon - Brain Development Academy after getting the above mentioned details.

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