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The Memory Techniques

The Memory Techniques, are a system of 'memory codes' that enabled people to remember perfectly whatever it was they wished to remember. Experiments with these techniques have shown that if a person scores 9 out of 10 when using such a technique, that same person will score 900 out of 1000, 9000 out of 10,000, 900,000 out of 1,000,000 and so on. Similarly, one who scores perfectly out of 10 will score perfectly out of 1,000,000. These memory techniques help us to delve into that phenomenal storage capacity we have and to pull out whatever it is that we need. The Basic Memory Principles are outlined in this "Memory Improvement Course", and the bulk of this course is devoted to explaining and outlining the most important and useful of these systems, showing how easily they can be learned, and how they can be applied in personal, family, business and community life.

At this early stage, however, it should be helpful for you to test your memory in its current state. The following series of memory tests that will form a foundation from which you can check your progress. 

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If you are interested in the truth about yourself and your performance now, as compared with what it will be when you have completed the Memory Improvement Techniques, perform these tests thoroughly. Most people do rather poorly at the beginning and almost perfectly at the end.

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Is your memory perfect!

The explosion of brain research during the last decade has confirmed what the memory theorists, gamesters, mnemonic technicians and magicians have always known: that the holding capacity of our brains and the ability to recall what is stored there are far and deliciously beyond normal expectations.

Use Your Memory, a major new development from the memory sections of Use Your Head, is an initial tour through what should have been included as first among the seven wonders of the world: the 'hanging gardens' of limitless memory and imagination

Your memory does decline with age, but only if it is not used. Conversely, if it is used, it will continue to improve throughout your lifetime.

Ask yourself, 'What is the number of things I actually remember each day?'Most people estimate somewhere between 100 and 10,000. The answer is in fact in the multiple billions. The human memory is so excellent and runs so smoothly that most people don't even realise that every word they speak and every word they listen to are instantaneously produced for consideration, recalled, recognised precisely and placed in their appropriate context. Nor do they realise that every moment, every perception, every thought, everything that they do throughout the entire day and throughout their lives is a function of their memories. In fact, its ongoing accuracy is almost perfect. The few odd things that we do forget are like odd specks on a gigantic ocean. Ironically, the reason why we notice so dramatically the errors that we make is that they are so rare.

1) Most people remember fewer than 10 per cent of the names of those whom they meet.

2) Most people forget more than 99 per cent of the phone numbers given to them.

3) Memory is supposed to decline rapidly with age.

4) Many people drink, and alcohol is reputed to destroy 1000 brain cells per drink.

5) Internationally, across races, cultures, ages and education levels, there is a common experience, and fear of, having an inadequate or bad memory.

6) Our failures in general, and especially in remembering, are attributed to the fact that we are 'only human', a statement that implies that our skills are inherently inadequate.

7) You will probably fail most of the memory tests.

Points 1, 2 and 7 will be dealt with through the remainder of the course. You will see that it is possible, with appropriate knowledge, to pass all the tests, and that names and phone numbers are easy to remember - if you know how.

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