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    Memory Test

Memory Test

Memory Test

These tasks are perfectly within the capacity of the average human brain. Do not worry about poor performance, however, since it is the purpose of this Memory Improvement Techniques to make memorization, such as is required in the following tests, an easy and enjoyable exercise.

Lets take test

Few people ever put their memories to the immediate test, and it is for this reason that most are unaware of the false limits, the habits and potential of their minds. Because of the way we are trained (or not trained) in school, the simple tasks you will soon attempt will in some cases prove very difficult and in others almost impossible.

Link Test - Test 01

Read the following list of twenty items through once only, trying to memorize both the items and the order in which they are listed.

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Peg Test - Test 02

Give yourself sixty seconds to memorize this second list of twenty items. The aim in this test is to remember the items in random order, connecting them to their appropriate number.

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Number Test - Test 03

Look at the four 15-digit numbers printed below, giving not more than a half-minute to each. At the end of each half-minute write down the number as best you can.

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Number Test - Test 04

The following is a list often people and their telephone numbers.Study the list for not more than two minutes and attempt to remember all the phone numbers.

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Number Test - Test 05

This is your last test: listed below are ten fairly important historical dates. Give yourself two minutes to remember them all perfectly.

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Test Result

Test Result

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