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Number Rhyme System

The number rhyme system is a type of Mnemonic Peg System where digits are assigned mnemonic images based on words that rhyme with the number.

Number Rhyme Memory System

The Number/Rhyme technique is a very simple way of remembering lists of items in a specific order. It is an example of a peg system - i.e. a system whereby facts are 'pegged' to known sequences of cues (here the numbers 1 - 10). This ensures that no facts are forgotten (because gaps in information are immediately obvious), and that the starting images of the mnemonic visualizations are well know.

The Number Rhyme System is an age old method in which you associate each number you are trying to remember with a predetermined item that rhymes with the number. Along with improving your memory it’s a great way to exercise your mind.

Instead of trying to remember arbitrary digits, you’ll remember the story and image you constructed that corresponds with the number you want to recall. The Number Rhyme System is a great tool for remembering number sequences such as flight numbers, hotel room numbers, appointment times, item counts, and just about any other number you come across.

Number Rhymes are an easy, yet amazingly powerful memory technique. They belong to a group of techniques known as mnemonic peg systems. You can use Number Rhymes to memorize a list of 10 items in order by connecting the pegs with the items you want to remember. With a little bit of practice, you can expect to memorize any list of 10 items in one to two minutes. What’s more, the memory for the list tends to be a lot stronger than if you had used rote learning

Number Rhyme Memory System

This technique works by helping you to build up pictures in your mind, in which the numbers are represented by things that rhyme with the number, and are linked to images that represent the things to be remembered.

Your first step is to memorize the Number Rhymes from the table below, and visualize each of the objects as vividly as possible. Try either visualizing these images as suggested, or if you do not like them, come up with images of your own.

 0 Zero Hero   
 1One  Gun
 2Two Shoe 
 3Three Tree 
4 Four  Door
5 Five Hive 
6 Six Bricks 
 7Seven Heaven 
 8Eight Gate 
 9Nine Wine 

Start by saying “one-sun”. Next imagine a bright yellow sun in the sky. How does your sun look like? Can you feel the warmth?

Continue with “two-shoe”. What kind of shoe do you see? Again, make it as vivid as possible, and also use your other senses. Do you smell the leather of the shoe?

Continue in this way for each of the number rhymes in the table below. If you don’t like one of the pegs, just choose from the alternatives or even make up your own rhyme.

For example, the Key Rhyming Memory Image Word that most people use for the number '5' is 'hive', the images that they use ranging from one enormous hive from which emanates a sky-covering swarm of monster bees to a microscopic hive with only one tiny bee.

As before, a few alternative image ideas commonly used. Consider these and your own Key Rhyming Image Words, and select for each number, from 1 to 10, the one you consider to be best for you:

  1. Sun, bun, nun, Hun, gun
  2. Shoe, pew, loo, crew, gnu
  3. Tree, flea, sea, knee, me
  4. Door, moor, whore, boar, paw
  5. Hive, jive, drive, dive, chive
  6. Sticks, pricks, bricks, wicks, licks
  7. Heaven, Devon
  8. Bait, gate, weight, date, fate
  9. Vine, wine, twine, line, dine
  10. Hen, pen, den, wren, men

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