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Calligraphy Papers

There is such a huge variety of fabulous papers on the market today that shopping for paper can feel like being a kid at a candy store! Knowing what you want to do ahead of time will help you choose the right paper.

Papers for ink Several types of paper are manufactured specifically for use with ink; they are often labeled “Paper for Pens,” “Pen and Ink Paper,” “Paper for Markers,” “Designer Layout Paper,” or “Layout Bond.” A pad of this type of paper is essen­tial for practicing calligraphy, as it will show your pen work at its best, with strokes appearing sharp and crisp without bleeding. These papers are com­monly available at art and drafting supply stores. The downside is that they tend to be expensive, so it helps to find an inexpensive alternative for prac­ticing, especially when you are just starting out.

Calligraphy Practice Papers

Practice paper Finding a suitable, inexpensive paper for practicing your calligraphy is well worth the effort. Calligraphy practice pads are com­monly available, although most of these are ruled for italic writing, and thus somewhat limiting. Often thicker, high-quality ruled notebook paper or heavy (80 lb or higher [116 gsm]) text-weight commercial paper works very well for practicing, especially when used with acrylic inks, which have less of a tendency to bleed on the paper. Graph paper is also very useful for practicing, especially the smaller-grid engineering-style graph paper. Look for paper that is relatively thick and has a smooth surface, without any coating or texture.