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Vedic Math Division

In Vedic Mathematics there are different methods of calculations for different types of numbers. In division also there are three different methods which will be thought to you for dividing numbers. 

Division By Base Method

Division with numbers less than the base

In this type of division we convert our big numbers to smaller numbers by taking there 'Complements'. This Complement becomes our new 'Divisor'. This whole method makes the division very simple and interesting. It encourages us to look at any problem in a different way.

We use the sutra

"Nikhilam Navatascaramam Dasatah"

"All from nine last from ten"

Division By Base Method

Division with numbers more than the base

In this type of division the divisor are more than the base and we have negative complement, so our new divisor is also negative. And instead of adding the digits to get the next digit of our Quotient we will subtract them as the multiplication of the Quotient digit with the complement will be a negative number.

We use the sutra

"Paravartya Yojayet"

"Transpose and Adjust"

Division By Flag Method

Division by "Dhvajanka" Sutra "On the top of the flag"

In this method we write the first digit of the divisor as the base digit of the divisor and place all other digits at the flag position of the first digit. The first digit alone performs division. In case of a double digit divisor we get only one flag  digit, but in case of a triple digit we get 2 flag digit and so on.  

In this type of sums we will be using alternate remainder method. Alternate remainder means that when a number is divided by another number, we get certain remainder, but if we reduce our quotient by one digit, our remainder will increase, and this way we can change our remainder by changing the quotient. If we reduce the quotient by two digits then the remainder will increase further. As our sutra says we subtract '1' from our quotient and add '1' divisor to the remainder. This is called alternate remainder.

We use the sutra

"Sankalana Vyavakalanabhyam"

"By addition and by subtraction"

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