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Vedic Math Cube Roots

Calculating cube root of a number by traditional method is slightly cumbersome procedure, but the technique used by vedic mathematicians is so fast that one can get answer in two to three seconds! The vedic maths cube roots technique for solving sums is so amazing that the student will be able to correctly predict the cube root of a number just by looking at it and without the need for any intermediate step.

Vedic Math Cube Roots of Exact Cubes

In problems of algebra dealing with factorization, equations of third power and in many problems of geometry related to three dimensional figures, one will often find the need to calculate the cube root of numbers.

You might find it difficult to belive, but at the end of this study, you will be calculating cube roots of complicated numbers like 262144, 12167, 117649 in 2-3 seconds. Even primary school students who have learnt these techniques are able to calculate cube-roots in a matter of seconds. 

To find the cube root of a number we make groups of three digits starting from right. The number of groups we get those many number of digits in the cube root, irrespective of the numbers of digits in the left most group. We use the sutra

Cube Root Sutra

We use sutra "Vilokanam" that is "By mere observation"

Following the sutra by mere observing the last digit of the cubes we can find out the Last Digit of the cube root. We can find the First Digit of the cube root by mere observation of the first group in the number. This method can be used to find the cube roots of any number which has up to six digits.

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