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Vedic Math Cubes

We know that squaring is multiplying a number by itself. Cubing can be defined as multiplying a number by itself and again by itself. Cubing is important while dealing with some algebraic equation and also while dealing with three dimensional figures in geometry.

Vedic Math Cubing Numbers

In this tutorials you will be learning to find cubes of numbers in two different ways

In this topic we will study two methods of cubing numbers. Once you are well versed with both the systems, then you can decide which system to use depending on the question that you are dealing with.

This sutra makes the cubing very easy. All we need to know is the cubes of the first ten natural numbers and we can find the cube of any two digit number. We first write the cube of the first digit of the number and then write the next three numbers in geometric ratio in the exact proportion as the digits of the number. Below the second and the third numbers we write their double respectively. Then we just add and keep writing one digit number and carry over the digits to the next number.

Formula Method

The formula method of cubing is the first method taught to students. We all have learnt this method when we were in schools. The cube of any number can be found using the formulae

Vedic Method Sutra

In this method we use sutra "Anurupyena" that is "Proportionally"

Sample Tutorials Level 05

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Sample Tutorials - Level 05

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